Easy Video Lab Video Software Review

Create And Share Your Videos Quickly And Easily!
A Video Creation App Easy Enough For Beginners And Powerful Enough For Professionals
We are committed to making it faster and easier for you to create engaging video to help you tell your story, share your passion, or invite people to discover your business.

STEP 1 in Easy Video Lab Video Software

Add Animations To Your Videos In Seconds!
Embellish your mobile phone videos or stock footage with animations with ease.
The learning curve is so low, you will be creating effective video in no time!

STEP 2 in Easy Video Lab Video Software

Search And Find Compelling Templates!
No need to start from a blank page! Keyword search for your specific needs and find a template in seconds.
Tons of expertly crafted templates, lower thirds, animations, videos, sound effects, music tracks and more included!

Easy Enough For A Beginner, Powerful Enough For A Professional

Create And Edit Text Animations With Ease!
With 18 engaging and customizable text animations, you can engage your audience with eye catching style! Animate in your language. A Right-To-Left Option is included for Arabic and Hebrew.

Design Creative Animations With Ease!
No need to work with baffling “key frames” or complicated animation methods!
Select a path. Rotate or move it however you want. It’s fun and easy!

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